Physical Therapy consultation and treatment

Who is this best for? 

Injured athletes, pre- or post operative recovery, chronic pain



$199 / initial evaluation

$175 / follow-up visit


Private Pilates instruction

Who is this best for? 

The modern athlete looking to gain an extra edge in training, those who are maintaining a chronic injury, or those who are simply looking to improve the efficiency of their movement.



Package Options? 


Private Sessions

$130 / session

$625 / 5 sessions

$1200 / 10 sessions


Duets (two person private lessons)

$75 per client / session


Virtual Sessions

$99 / 50 min. session

$60 / 30 min. session

$475 / 5 pack 50 min. sessions

$250 / 5 pack 30 min. sessions


Corporate Consultation

Please contact us for more details if you are interested in private Physical Therapy or Pilates for your company/corporate setting.